Custom Classes October 27th: “Alexandria Adair Does It All” – Very Limited Enrollment

Click here to register.  Enroll for one or both sections.

Concept Outline
1) Get a great model with a very wide comfort zone.
2) Gather a (very) few serious beauty photographers who want to learn.
3) Provide two distinct venues to work in, one block apart – studio and bedroom.
4) Custom design the classes to what the photographers want.
5) Enroll in one or both sections.  $195.00 per section.
6) Learn a lot and shoot a lot

The Model: I had the opportunity to both work with and observe Alexandria (MM # 1816206) at NINPAR last month.  Beautiful face and body, highly photogenic, very graceful head to toe, willing to try just about anything, and a great attitude.  I could hardly wait to use her in a workshop and to a great extent this workshop is designed to showcase her broad talents.
Images of Alex courtesy of “colorguy99″  MM# 1930609

The Photographers: (Only three enrolled per section)  Must be serious about learning.  I want specifics from each of you about what you see yourself wanting or needing from these classes.  With only three attendees at a time, I can and will custom design the course material to make sure each of you learns something of major personal importance, along with the many tips and details I always include in my classes.  The morning section will have a Fine Art Nude base, the afternoon will be glamor boudoir.

The Venues: (Morning: Sly Horse Studio A   Afternoon: On-location Bedroom)
Big news here!  In addition to the Sly Horse Studio itself, I now have access to a new bedroom glamor set-up only one block away in brand new luxury apartment.  The morning class will concentrate on the proper use of light on the body, hence the fine art nude direction.  In the afternoon, the real-life venue will provide a more detailed background but it will also present challenges do to limited space (almost always a consideration on location) and sexual content (which requires many additional skills in the model-photographer working relationship to be truly successful)

What’s not to like?  $195.00 per section.  Click here to register

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