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This page provides a brief overview of each class and event currently being offered by Jim Guzel EDU.  All working classes are limited to six active participants and include the use of professional models and limited use model releases that permit display of resultant images for personal promotion and public  competitions.  Please click on the title of each listing to obtain the full details.

Common Sense Lighting for Portraiture
This is an introductory series providing detailed instruction and suggestions for the use of studio lighting for portraiture.  An two hour introduction to the series is presented periodically.  The class series consists of seven classes, one per week, that involve instruction in the basics, along with guided opportunities to apply the lessons by photographing professional models at each class.  There are two independent series, one for instruction in general portraiture and one specifically covering beauty photography.

Advanced Studio Photography Techniques for Beauty and Fine Art Nude
A continuing series of eight week classes, designed to help photographers who are familiar with the basics of beauty photography combine their knowledge into a cohesive whole, both stylistically and from a work flow perspective.  Each series consists of alternating planning/critique sessions and work/photography sessions – four of each.  Every participant has the guided opportunity to develop and execute portrait concepts with professional models.   In addition, each participant will receive additional guidance in selecting and post-processing the resultant images and developing a professional quality portfolio.

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