Class H: Tuesday 1-25-11- Opposed Lighting Part 2 – Helmut Newton Basics

As we continue our exploration of opposed lighting, I’ve had he opportunity to work with a model who reminds me of the stunning, almost unreal beauties that Helmut Newton loved to work with – Henna N.  And as luck would have it, she was very excited to take on the the kinky edge that dominated much of Newton’s work.  Newton often used opposed lights, usually very hard-edged.  Hence that will be our subject matter – two opposed hard lights.  I’ll have a special set ready for the demonstration and mini-shootout afterward.

Good news: Tatiana Sweeney will provide some excellent makeup and hair styling to further build the concept.  T. has worked with me for nine years and created some fabulous looks.  Bad news, the mini-shootout is full so you’ll have to be content with just looking.  Perhaps we can get T back for the monthly shootout with Henna N. and Victoria on February 5th.  I’ve found myself teaching a lot more at the monthly shootouts, reviewing the classes and giving hints to the photographers

Click here to register for the class – $17.00  now, $25.00 on the day of.
Click here to register for the mini-shootout, only three participants, just $67.00.

Here are samples:

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