Advanced Studio Photography Techniques for Beauty and Fine Art Nude

Jim Guzel presents:
Advanced Studio Photography Techniques for Beauty and Fine Art Nude

Including Concept Development, Staging, Lighting and Working with Subjects

Limited to six full participants, each series will consist of four studio classes on alternate Tuesday evenings, 7:30 – 10:30 PM, and critique and planning sessions on the Tuesday evenings in between, 7:30 – 9:30 PM, for a total of eight sessions per series.  The primary goal of the series is to assist each participant in taking the basics learned in the Studio Lighting: A to Z series, add in techniques needed to plan a concept, and put them to use in learning how to shoot beauty photography entirely on one’s own.

Studio classes (4) will consist of plenty of shooting with guidance around the whys and hows of the particulars involved with each class, and question and answer periods to ensure that the members understand what is being done to accomplish the goals for the classes.

A high quality model will be provided for each studio class for three hours of work.  Each studio class will involve guided concept development by the students, based on the qualities offered by the model and the desires of the group.  Representatives of the group will plan/interview the model, report back to the group, and be responsible for creating the set and lighting for that evening.  These will be rotating responsibilities and are designed to further a variety of creative abilities in the group members.

The planning sessions will involve sorting out data about the model and building a concept from beginning to end that is designed by the participants.  Critiques of images taken at the previous class and feedback about the previous studio class will also be part of the session.

All classes and planning sessions will be guided by Jim Guzel.  The total series run time is 20 hours plus odds and ends.  The model will sign a non-commercial release for each full participant.  Tuition is $467.00.  In addition to the six main participants, other photographers may attend the classes as non-participatory members for $35.00 per class, (advance price $25.00).  Please, register immediately so that you don’t miss out and so that we can get the first planning session scheduled.  The first actual class is scheduled for July 12th, so the initial planning session will be most likely July 5th, if not sooner.  I’m thinking that we may have to have a orientation session to begin with sometime in June.

Series #1 (Class is closed for registration and completes on 8/30/11)
Jul 12                     2237035                 Debra Williams
Jul 26                    1052613                  Mara Geneva
Aug 9                     1492074                  KitsuJitsu
Aug 23                   1101777                   Trinity Chevalier

Series #2 Open for registration – Click here to do so.  Series begins September 20th, 2011
Sep 27                    17505                      JessAngel2003
Oct 11                     2174480                 I am Sunshine
Oct 25                    501229                   Kelli Mackenzie
Nov  8                    357198                    Charlie Monroe

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