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Models of the Month Instructional Shoot-Around: 1 – 6 PM March 5th, 2011

A wide variety of differing set-ups were introduced this month.   Practice makes perfect and there’s a lot to practice with two very talented and different models.  See: Class I and Class J topics for more detail on the subject matter. The time … Continue reading

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Studio Lighting: Class J – Lighting to Seperate the Subject from the Background w/Crimson Reign Tuesday 2/22/11

Okay, that does sound sort of dry.  But the fact is, good background lighting can really pop an image.  And it doesn’t have to be tricky, or even require an extra light.  In this class, we’ll still be working with … Continue reading

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Studio Lighting: Class I – Simulating Bedroom Window Light w/Jemma McDime Tuesday 2/8/11

Available window light is great to work with, when it’s available, of course.  My Photoflex softbox and White Lightening strobe are available 24/7 and low light problems such as camera shake, color balance and depth of field cease to exist when … Continue reading

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