Studio Lighting: A to Z An education series for serious portrait photographers

Jim Guzel, nationally recognized beauty photographer, is proud to present two new studio lighting programs.  As with anything Jim does, the courses are satisfaction-guaranteed or 100% money back.  Don’t you wish your college courses had that feature?

The Section 1 Advanced Class, which begins it’s first studio session on July 12th, is designed for photographers who have been exposed to the basics but would like some guidance on putting those basics into action.  Students will receive guidance in building a concept with a particular model/subject, selecting and applying an appropriate lighting scheme along with making creative modifications to that scheme as the session develops, creating and lighting a set, and finally actually working with a model to get the best possible subject matter.  This is a nine-class course with five planning/critique sessions alternating with four photography sessions in which each of the participants will have an opportunity to work with the model.  The emphasis will be beauty photography, customized to the agreed upon desires of the participants and limited to six photographers.  Section #1 commences on July 12th, 2011, and has one remaining place available.  Section #2 begins in September.
Click here for schedule and registration links.

The Basics program, which will also begin full classes in September 2011, is for those photographers who are at the beginning of their path in understanding the principles and application of studio lighting.  The formal seven class course will be preceded by $10.00 introductory session* and the combined classes will clearly explain the concepts of why we use lighting the way we do, how basic lighting is designed, and how it is applied to create true portraiture that is flexible enough to capture the beautiful nuances of the individual subject.  Two distinct sections will be available, one for general portraiture which will meet on Thursday nights, and one for beauty portraiture which will meet on Wednesday nights.  Each course is limited to six full participants although others may attend the lecture/demonstrations for a lesser cost but they will not have an opportunity to photograph the models.

For full details, schedule and registration, including the introduction, click here.

* The introductory class will be held  twice, Wednesdays – August 3rd and September 7th, before the formal classes begin the following week.  The cost is $10.00 with advance registration, $20.00 at the door.  Attendance at the Introduction is limited to 20 people.  Each seven-class course is limited to six full participants.  Obviously, attendance at the introduction session does not guarantee that a position in either of the courses will be available at that time.  Advance registration is recommended.

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  1. Peter Foiles says:

    I got great results at the Vintage Corsets shoot with Aubry on Sunday. Fantastic model, great studio setup as expert advice as always.

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